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Calling Artists – Exhibitions in 2025

  BOLIN BOLIN GALLERY We are now asking for proposals for exhibitions for 2025. A gallery as part of a garden centre is a great way to bring art, and individually crafted products to a wide range of people who would not normally visit an art gallery, as well as giving local artists an outlet for their products. We want to know your ideas for an interesting exhibition in this space, and also new art and craftwork for our gallery and shop in the leadup to Christmas.

Proposals due by end of August 2024

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Ceramic Mural by Giuseppe Raneri.

Permanent Artworks at Bulleen Art & Garden

Front of BAAG with Still Life I sculpture by Lachlan Plain, signage by Justin Purser, mural by Meredith Plain
BAAG is privileged to operate in one of the most culturally significant regions for art in Melbourne, often referred to as the Valley of the Arts. The two most important Australian art movements, the Heidelberg School and the Angry Penguins, originated in this area. Heide Museum of Modern Art, which is just across the park from BAAG is an iconic art venue. BAAG has placed emphasis on the arts and creativity in response to this location, and also the passion of the proprietors and some staff for the arts. This has enabled us to develop a unique identity, atmosphere and experience at BAAG. One way of furthering those aims is shown by incorporating an increasing array of artworks in the structural fabric of BAAG and adopting a creative approach everything that we do.

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An exhibition  by The Hills Ceramic ArtistsBabette Bruders; Amanda Christians; Glenn England; Lee Goller; Claire Johnson, Lynne Lindsay; Heather Thomas; Jenny Rowe; Sharon Twining; Juliet Widdows. 28th June to 11th August 2019 Exhibition Opening: 2-4pm Saturday 29th June 2019 The exhibition ‘Seasoned’ contemplates the turning of nature’s seasons: - from winter’s scarcity and the budding enthusiasm of spring, to summers lazy heat and autumnal festivity.

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“Metal Transformations”

"Metal Transformations"

Sculpture by Issa Ouattara

15 March to 21 April 2019

This exhibition will showcase the work of African/Australian sculptor Issa Ouattara. Although now based near Daylesford in country Victoria, Issa’s birth place was Cote d’Ivoire in West Africa. With a successful sculpting career in both Africa and Australia and family life in rural Australia,  Issa demonstrates how a difficult start to life, including child labour, poverty, war, can be overcome.

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“Bottom of the Garden”

An Exhibition of Paintings and Glass by Jennie Williams Culic 14 April to 14May "Meet the Artists" Saturday 22nd April 3-5pm Over recent years I have developed a love of pottering in the garden. Although not a spectacular green thumb the garden continuously evolves and includes a variety of small statues, sculptures by other artisans and a couple of old sculptures I created in years gone by. It has become a sanctuary – a place where I lose myself in the moment – clear my head.

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“Eclectica”, Joel Medley


An Exhibition of Sculpture by Joel Medley

3rd February to 5th March, 2017

Joel creates some amazing art works from recycled materials. This exhibition shows some of Joel Medley’s new sculptures and demonstrates how his skills in and style have been developing. There are a number of large, strong metal sculptures which include a grapevine which is large, but has detailed leaves and fruit; a horse with an almost patchwork pattern of overlapping metal segments; a unique fish; giant flowers with friendly faces; birds and a variety of more abstract sculptures.

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Autumn Exhibition

waterlillies in glass10 April to   23 May, 2015

Artists include Jenny Culic, Sean Diamond, Jane DubskyNicola Hoyle, Joel Medley, Jenny Overton,  Tim Read,    Robyn Stewardson This mixed exhibition  includes glass by Jenny Culic, metal sculpture by Sean Diamond, Nicola Hoyle, Joel Medley, Tim Read & Wendy Brady, owls from recycled household items by Robyn Stewardson, hand painted pottery by Jane Dubsky, and a mosaic by Jenny Overton.    

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Christmas@BulleenArt & Garden 2014

  DSC03289 DSC03287149391_391682354322654_5035339571649523930_nDSC03282

5-24 December

Once again we are showcasing a wonderful eclectic collection of local artworks in our gallery before Christmas.  Make sure you visit us before Christmas to see this interesting and diverse range of (affordable) artworks including metal and ceramic sculpture, baskets, prints and paintings.  You may find something uniqueand special for a gift, or be able to treat yourself.

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Sculpture Unveiling, Vegetable Talk and Guided Art walk


"Still Life with Fruit "

Sculpture Unveiling, Vegetable Talk and Guided Art walk

5.30 to 7.30pm, Thursday 18th September, 2014

Homegrown food and art both feature prominently at Bulleen Art & Garden. See what  can happen when they collide. The sculpture, Still Life with Fruit  by Lachlan Plain, is a painterly rendition of the food gardener’s fruit bowl. At ten times the fruit’s original size this fibre glass sculpture will tower over the entrance of Bulleen Art & Garden, testament to BAAG’s commitment to food gardening.

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Bolin and the Yarra – Connecting with nature.


 An exhibition  inspired by Bulleen Art & Garden’s magic location – right next to the Yarra River parks. Artists have responded to natural and cultural values of this  important section of the Yarra. Sculpture, baskets, ceramic and botanical art by Sally Armfield, Glenn England , Paul Kalemba , Emma Kelly , Lene Kuhl Jakobsen, Joel Medley, Robyn Norris, Meredith Plain.

 11 October   to 5 November,  2013

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Gaia Night

On Thursday 23rd of February 2012, as part of Melbourne’s Sustainable Living Festival, Bulleen Art & Garden and more than 100 guestscelebrated the Earth’s life support system, ‘Gaia’, in a night of discussion, performance, song and art whilst raising funds for Sustainable Gardening Australia. This was an evening to launch a large new mural and open an exhibition, but included much much more - music, puppets, theatre, speakers, gourmet nibbles, walks and much good cheer! It was a perfect evening - Gaia was certainly smiling apon us!

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Rose the Turtle (Lachlan Plain)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe tortoise, oops, turtle has once again found its way to Bulleen Art & Garden, presumably it has wandered up from the river! which watched over the entrance to Bulleen Art & Garden from the direction of the adjoining parklands. There has been a turtle at this site, next to the park, but the turtle has had another reincarnation, and is now named Rose. Artist Lachlan Plain, ( )who has been involved in a lot of the artwork around Bulleen Art & Garden has been busy creating a new turtle, with the help of colleague Colleen Bourke. Rose is a lady turtle with lots of personality. She is now in colour and has been crafted in fibreglass. Installation was 21st September 2010.

roseThe Raising of Rose

In September 2012 Rose the turtle was given a better view with new stand. This tied in with work on the new Healthy Living Waterways gate and disabled access to the parks. This is Bulleen Art & Garden's latest way to promote the wonderful park just next to the nursery. There is a new wheelchair accessible walkway and a crafted steel gate promoting our waterways leading to the park where BAAG has a long term revegetation program. And you can now see Rose the turtle more clearly as she emerges from the park and the Yarra, seeming to swim in mid air. Make sure you meet Rose rose1

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Jeanette Carter

carter1 Jeanette  has been giving basket workshops at Bulleen Art & Garden for a number of years, as well as selling and exhibiting her work here. More information on the basket workshops and free form baskets                 CLAY AND FIBRE I have always been interested in the Visual Arts and enjoyed working in clay and fibre. I started work in advertising at the age of seventeen and then went on to study two Diplomas at RMIT, one in Graphic Design and the other in Ceramics. I then went to Melbourne State College and completed a Diploma of Education. Two of the areas I studied which I enjoyed most were textiles and ceramics. Textiles included spinning, weaving, tie dye and batik. I am currently teaching Ceramics, Drawing and Visual Communication and Design at Eltham High School to levels 7-12. In 1986 I was awarded a teacher exchange to Pennsylvania USA for a year. It was here that I was introduced to basket weaving- Melon Baskets, Egg Baskets, Potato baskets, Heart shaped Baskets and many other designs.

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Conservatory of Singular Specimens 16th February – 25th March 2012


Sandra Bain, Colleen Burke, Michael Camilleri, Avis Gardner, Jodie Nunn, Melissa Osborne, Lachlan Plain, Meredith Plain, Giuseppe Raneri, Carmen Reid. Lucia Rossi, sue.k. Gaia Night Opening, 6-8pm, Thurs 23rd Feb Art Trail and Exhibition Floor Talk,3 - 4pm Sunday 26th February Stroll across the lawns and detour down the leafy cul de sacs of Sanctum Theatre's Conservatory of Singular Specimens. The Conservatory is an ark upon which Sanctum and BAAG artists rescue some of our most singular specimens - whether they be arboreal, bestial or purely alchemical.

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Bolin Bolin Gallery acknowledges the Wurundjeri people as traditional custodians of the land now known as Manningham. We pay our respects to Wurundjeri Elders past, present and emerging, and value their ongoing contribution to the cultural heritage of the area.