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Exhibiting and selling art/craft at Bulleen Art & Garden

We are always looking out for new artists and want to display work which is original and individual, and is a viable alternative option for our customers, rather than mass produced items. Works could be suitable for display in the garden or have some connection to the garden. Work for sale should be of professional quality and suitable for its purpose, and should have artistic or design merit.

Sales in the Sculpture Garden, garden Gallery, nursery or shop

We make an effort to include local art and craft throughout the centre as well as exhibitions in our gallery space – in the  Garden Gallery with ongoing displays of garden art; in the shop area near the gallery; in outdoor sculpture garden , and as features in displays in the nursery areas, such as plant bench endcaps.

For more information, Please email or mail to Meredith Plain, Bulleen Art & Garden, 6 Manningham Rd W, Bulleen.

Or phone Joe Raneri or Meredith 8850 3030 on weekdays.

Commission sales: approx one third selling price.


A gallery as part of a garden centre is a great way to bring art, and individually crafted products to a wide range of people who would not normally visit an art gallery, as well as giving local artists an outlet for their products. We have held regular exhibitions, usually 8 or 9 since 1995 when we opened our first art gallery. Then in August 2015 we opened a new gallery.

We are keen to feature a program of interesting and diverse quality exhibitions by local artists with a range of media and styles. We want to have variation during the year, and also from year to year.

Garden art and 3d work are often popular. Media have included – ceramic and metal sculpture, other ceramics, mosaics, glass, textiles, paper, painting, photography.

The Gallery

Bolin Bolin Gallery is in the centre of the Bulleen Art & Garden shop, designated by a sculptural sign by Nicola Hoyle. The area is 6.8m X 4.3m.

It has:

  • Gallery hanging system
  • we have quite a lot of  plinths
  • several wall shelves
  • Feature ceiling panels by Nicola Hoyle

To reduce the upfront risks for artists, we do not have charges for exhibitions, but take a commission (approx one third selling price)

You may want to:

  • Have a solo exhibition.
  • Have an exhibition with others you know.
  • Take part in a group exhibition

Exhibition proposals

Please send exhibition proposals, or information about art/craft you would like to sell at Bulleen Art & Garden to

We have filled  exhibition opportunities to the end of 2024

For Exhibition proposals we need to know…

Contact Details

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email

Who is exhibiting

  • Do you want a solo exhibition, with colleagues, or a group. Or if you are not likely to have enough work to fill the space we could possibly exhibit your work with another artist(s).

About the Artist(s).

New Artists – IF you have not previously sold work with us and we don’t know you & your work, please include

  • either a link to a web site or page,
  • or a short CV & image(s) of your work,
  • if/where you have exhibited or sold work previously .

Existing artists -Even if you have exhibited with us before or we stock your work, we will need to know if you have a theme for an exhibition and if you have new ideas and new work you would like to exhibit.

Description of work you are planning to exhibit

Please include:

  • Theme and/or title
  • Media, range of items. Scale
  • Do you have images of the proposed work or something similar.
  • Approximate price range
  • IF you have not previously sold work with us and we don’t know you & your work, please include either a link to a web site or page, or a very short CV & image(s) of your work, if/where you have exhibited or sold work previously

PLEASE don’t send large images – very difficult to open and not necessary

Exhibition Dates

Let us know times when you would not be able to exhibit, as well as your preferred exhibition dates. Please be as flexible as possible, as this means we are more likely to be able to offer you a space .





Bolin Bolin Gallery acknowledges the Wurundjeri people as traditional custodians of the land now known as Manningham. We pay our respects to Wurundjeri Elders past, present and emerging, and value their ongoing contribution to the cultural heritage of the area.