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“Art and Gardens”

An  Exhibition by the Staff of Bulleen Art & Garden  

14th – 31st  July 2016

“Snowy” by Erin Cooper


We’ve got a very creative, as well as capable team at Bulleen Art & Garden. You can see this at Bulleen Art & Garden -the ideas they have; how they help solve your garden or design problems; creative displays; innovative products; how they help you learn in the garden classes or bring out your own creativity in art workshops.

But they also have a life outside Bulleen Art & Garden and this exhibition  will  showcase some of their other creative talents, which  may not be so obvious from their daily work .

We have previously featured their work in the Bolin Bolin Gallery – and it is time to turn the spotlight on them again.

Watch this space for more images of this year’s exhibition.

The Bolin Bolin Gallery at Bulleen Art  & Garden,

6 Manningham Rd W., Bulleen. 98505155. 7 days a week.

“Tree Man” by Nicole Griffiths


|Yarn bombed tree by Natasha Gibson, wall hangings by Jeanette Carter and mosaics by Sandra Bail


Landscape plans by Joy FroebelIMG_20160713_132743179

Mosaic planter by Sandra BainIMG_20160713_132758883

Photograph by Claire McGaskillIMG_20160713_132901255

Framed Ceramic Art by Giuseppe Raneri  IMG_20160713_132716523

IMG_20160704_162959904Sculptures in Clay

We have run a couple of workshops specially for staff where we met up in thje BAAG classroom and worked on our sculptures together. Here are 3 examples of the work – the tree man by Nicole Griffiths, the figure by Sarah Hardgrove  and the flower by Jen Byrne.

IMG_20160704_162621186 IMG_20160704_162916314


And More images of the artworks

13710491_1139239172803229_1472933111816566246_o 13700958_1139239136136566_7312727536237625261_o

possum box by Kat Veilgaard, Dennis Ross, Sam Irwin, Alex Irwin13693012_1139239412803205_2790777299815962338_o

Sculpture by Aastair Cooper, in front of mosaic artwork by Sandra Bain and wall hangings by Jeanette Carter

Magpie and Australian Boat by Meredith Plain. You can find out more about her work at

13692945_1108694042525808_8828673064358781453_o 13726850_1110096462385566_7364304403766461205_n


Staff Exhibition 2013

Some examples of the work in the 2013 exhibition are shown below.

2013-07-26 001 001 2013-07-26 001 002 2013-07-26 001 003   2013-07-26 001 012

2013-07-26 001 010

Fabric frames by Sally Phillips, Painting by Andrea Ross, Chook Quilt (Winner of the Dennis Ross Award) by Penny Plain


Just some of this work was recognised with the following prizes:


Dennis Ross Award–             Penny Plain,                Chook Quilt

Staff Choice–                              Lachlan Walter,           Barrow & Truck,  succulent gardens

All Rounder–                               Heather Dempsey,     artworks in limestone, mosaic, clay, cross stitch

Sustainability Award–           Maria Ciavarella          “Clothed with Love”, quilt made from the family’s hand-knitted jumpers

Dark Horse                                 Glenys Rose               Photograph, cross-stitch, knitted

Yardies Prize (a la packers’ prize in the Archibald)- Sally Phillips, fabric wall hangings and “High Tea”

2013-07-26 001 001

Sustainability Award–           Maria Ciavarella          “Clothed with Love”, quilt made from the family’s hand-knitted jumpers

Clay Creations

A number of staff ghot together to make their artworks from clay.

2013-07-30 001 008

These are a few of their creations waiting to leap into the kiln for firing!

ClayWorkshop Heather's

A dragon by Heather Dempsey.

AJane's MeiLin's

Jane McKee and Mei Yin Cheong

Paul's VickisPenguin

Paul & Vicki McMorran

Giuseppe Raneri


A Gift from Picasso

Joe buys gifts, art pots and deals with many artists, among other things. He is also a ceramic artist,


2013-07-26 001 007

Succulent Barrow by Lachlan Walter (Winner of the Staff Choice)

2013-07-26 001 004

Photos by Claire McKaskil and books by Penny Plain

Michelle Yang

2013-07-26 001 008Michelle is interested in survival skills and primitive crafts. As well as these hand built pots, she will bring in a buckskin and some other items.












Sandra Bain,Sandra takes mosaic workshops and has work in the exhibition.

2013-07-26 001 005

2013-07-26 001 002Penny Plain

In previous staff exhibitions penny led the other staff in producing joint artworks, as can be seen in the press article below. Although she has since left Bulleen Art & Garden, we will feature  her quilts













Bolin Bolin Gallery acknowledges the Wurundjeri people as traditional custodians of the land now known as Manningham. We pay our respects to Wurundjeri Elders past, present and emerging, and value their ongoing contribution to the cultural heritage of the area.