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Front of BAAG with Still Life I sculpture by Lachlan Plain, signage by Justin Purser, mural by Meredith Plain

BAAG is privileged to operate in one of the most culturally significant regions for art in Melbourne, often referred to as the Valley of the Arts. The two most important Australian art movements, the Heidelberg School and the Angry Penguins, originated in this area. Heide Museum of Modern Art, which is just across the park from BAAG is an iconic art venue.

BAAG has placed emphasis on the arts and creativity in response to this location, and also the passion of the proprietors and some staff for the arts. This has enabled us to develop a unique identity, atmosphere and experience at BAAG.

One way of furthering those aims is shown by incorporating an increasing array of artworks in the structural fabric of BAAG and adopting a creative approach everything that we do.

The following are some examples of embedded artworks throughout BAAG, with links to descriptions for many of them

At the front of Bulleen Art & Garden

Part of the front fence at Bulleen Art & Garden – ceramic mural and colourful sculptural fence

The front of BAAG is a colourful celebration of local artists that stretches for over 100 metres. It started with an overall concept and fence design by Akira Takizawa in 1995 and has been continually evolving since then. More than 8 local artists have been involved in creating this work. It makes a statement about who we are as well as contributing to the identity of our precinct.

The following shows the evolution of the front and the artists involved.

Overall concept                                                                       Akira Takizawa

Monumental Fence – recycled metal

Akira Takizawa 1995

Ceramic Mural  , 3*5m                                                 Meredith Plain 1995

Yellow Metal Mural   Recycled metal & paint            Jodie Nunn & Lachlan Plain 2003

Colour innovations for front fence,

Jodie Nunn & Lachlan Plain, 2006

Bulleen Art & Garden entrance sign                         Justin Purser, 2006

Sculpture with  signage                                                   Justin Purser, 2006

Edible parterre


Entrance – The Kitchen Garden Walk through the Edible Parterre                         2007

A coloured concrete path, following a vine with a pebble mosaiced stem and leaves studded with hand crafted ceramic vegetables, leading to the entrance to Bulleen Art & Garden. This walkway is lined with edible plants.

Overall concept –                                                                     Joy Froebel

Coloured path with pebble mosaics                                    Crafted Landscapes –

Ceramic vegetables –                                                                Meredith Plain

The four gardens were  designed and planted by 4 senior nursery staff

Ceramic Mural by Giuseppe Raneri

Ceramic Tile Murals – I’ll get the titles!                          Giuseppe Raneri. Installed 2007

“Simon Woke”, freestanding mural                                 Lachlan Plain. Dec 2009

Rose the Tortoise, Fibre Glass sculpture                         Lachlan Plain & Colleen Burke, 2010

Still life with Fruit I, Fibre Glass sculpture                    Lachlan Plain,   2014

Still life with Fruit II, Fibre Glass sculpture                   Lachlan Plain, 2016

Chook cylinders                                                                      Meredith Plain 2016

Bollards. Recycled metal, laser cut designs                        Tim Read, 2018


Inside Bulleen Art & Garden

Sculpture garden bridge with fence by Nicola Hoyle

Artworks are dotted throughout throughout BAAG. If there is a new project we will usually commission an artist to add an individual mark. They are there to entertain  out visitors, but also get them thinking – about sustainability and the environment, as well as gardening.

Bolin Bolin Gallery Sign and ceiling panels by sculptor               Nicola Hoyle 2015


Sculpture Garden Fence and Sign by sculptor                               Nicola Hoyle 2017

“The Final Journey of Pedro Piscator” 11 x 5m  mural           Lachlan Plain 2011

For the past century the wily adventurer, Pedro Piscator, has been tinkering in his wharf-side workshop, building a vessel to escape the looming environmental devastation. The ship is powered by melody, charting a sonata through the sky. Towed behind is a floating island, a conservatory of sorts upon which Piscator has collected the most singular of species, rescuing them from a sullied Earth.

Habitat Tree”,

Ceramic sculpture installation                             Meredith Plain,  2008

”Bunjil”, metal sculpture                                      Joel Medley  2013


Bunjil , by Joel Medley, in the Habitat Tree overlooking Bulleen Art & Garden

Symphony In Bee Minor  mural                          Lachlan Plain 2011

Pink Mural ,                                                            Lachlan Plain, 2011

Possum Slide, ceramic sculpture & fibre  glass slide,Meredith Plain 2010

Blue Dinosaur mural,                                            Jodie Nunn  2009

Flower Mural                                                          Paul Kalemba 2009

Hand cut metal signs around nursery                Justin Purser 2004 to 2008

Bolin Bolin Gallery acknowledges the Wurundjeri people as traditional custodians of the land now known as Manningham. We pay our respects to Wurundjeri Elders past, present and emerging, and value their ongoing contribution to the cultural heritage of the area.