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An exhibition of textile art.

 20March to 22 April  2014  

Doll, Judith Hicks

Judith Barclay, Sue Bishop, Christine Burns, Marion Davidson, Pam Jackson, Penelope Plain, Pat Stevenson, Helen Stilwell
Introducing  The Twisted Threads:  “We are a group of textile artists called Twisted Threads and we met at the Burwood Campus of Deakin Uni in 1992 doing Art and Design Course – we graduated in 1994 and have continued to meet monthly ever since to exchange ideas, info and workshop. We are a diverse group with a common interest – our love of textiles. our varied interests range from quilts, bags, fabric bowls, cloth dolls, to screen prints and painting.”

This group has once again come together to create a wonderful exhibiton of textile art for the Bolin Bolin Gallery full of colour, texture, design and originality, with the theme of the changing seasons.

We have a lot of images from this exhibition below.

Photography by Lioudmila Volodina  (Except for Doll, Judith Hicks, Personal Geography, Sue Bishop, feltby Helen Stillwell)



 Personal Geography, Sue Bishop

201403_BAAG-Penny's quiolt


201403_BAAG-46w 201403_BAAG-69w 201403_BAAG-75   201403_BAAG-100w  201403_BAAG-105w201403_BAAG-208w  201403_BAAG-112w  201403_BAAG-130w   201403_BAAGHicksBroochw 201403_BAAG-89w

 201403_Penny Quiltw


201403_BAAG-172 TwistedThreads3w

felt scarf representing group,by Helen Stillwell


 ThreadsMcConnellw  DSC02092


2005 Twisted Threads Exhibition

This group of textile artists previously exhibited in the Bolin Bolin Gallery in 2005 – the images here are from that exhibition

Theads1 Theads14

Theads9 Threads1 


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