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Artist Statement

“I sculpt in clay because I find the creative possibilities of clay fascinating and compulsive. Creatures with vitality, energy and personality can emerge from a lump of dirt. Ceramic sculpture can explore many diverse forms. It is a means of expression and communication of ideas and, importantly, humour. My frogs, dragons, people and other creatures seem to develop a life and energy of their own.

I first discovered the fascination of creating creatures from clay in 1989, after a career as a medical research scientist and whi1le at home with young children. What started out as a hobby took over more and more of my time, and our house. Ceramic sculpture is now my career.
Since then, I have taken part in exhibitions at Bulleen Art & Garden, Eltham Wiregrass Gallery, Meat market Craft Centre, Northcote Pottery Gallery etc and sold work through Potter’s Cottage and Fitzroy Nursery. I have been involved in setting up and running the Gallery and exhibition program at Bulleen Art & Garden. My work is makes up the mural at the front of Bulleen Art & Garden
My work ranges in size from only a few centimetres to works taller than myself, and covers a wide range of subjects. It is all suitable for use inside and outside.”


For more information about her work, and a lot more images go to or Facebook


At Bulleen Art & Garden Meredith Plain

  • Takes part in many of the  Exhibitions in the Bolin Bolin Gallery, for example Lazy Days Exhibitions.
  • Sells work regularly in the shop and nursery at Bulleen Art & Garden and on the on-line gallery.
  • Takes ceramic scupture workshops.
  • Organises the Bolin Bolin gallery exhibitions.

For any queries about Meredith’s work contact

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