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Until 29th January 2017

Fiona Clarke, Raine Edwards, Jane Dubsky ,Sue Davies, Glenn England, Lynne Foard, Ann Maree Gentile Nicola Hoyle, Lene  Kuhl Jakobsen, Jack Latti, Meredith Plain, Jenny Overton,  Robyn Norris, Liz Walker, Heather Wilson

Once again  a mixed group exhibition is filling our gallery with a wonderful range of artwork in a number of different media by some of our favourite local artists.



You can find something large or small.Work  includes

  • meticulous pencil and watercolour works on vellum by botanical and natural history artist Fiona Clarke;
  • fine studio pottery by well known and respected ceramic artists Glenn England Lene Kuhl Jakobsen and Lee Goller,
  • vibrant acrylic paintings by Lynne Foard, showing another of her art skills,
  • figurative ceramic sculpture by Meredith Plain,
  • large mosaic sculptures by Jenny Overton,
  • Christmas wreaths and baskets by Robyn Norris,
  • fine metal feathers and nests by Liz Walker,
  • sculptured organic pots and succulents by Jack Latti,
  • hand painted pots by Jane Dubsky,
  • pots, wall pieces  by Raine Edwards
  • amusing sculpture by Ann Maree Gentile
  • dragons by Heather Wilson
  • and sculpture by Nicola Hoyle.

This is where to come if you really do want to find unique Christmas presents, something as a treat for yourself, or to find out what some of your more creative neighbours are making.

Images from the exhibition are shown below


Bolin Bolin Gallery at Bulleen Art  & Garden

6 Manningham Rd W., Bulleen. 88503030.

 Meredith Plain


Ann Maree Gentile   img_20161130_143602703 img_20161130_143607249

Lynne Foardimg_20161130_143612272

Fiona Clarkeimg_20161130_143648852

Lene Kuhl Jakobsenimg_20161130_143659555

Raine Edwards  img_20161130_143742735

Liz Walkerimg_20161130_143753079

Jane Dubskyimg_20161130_143759023

Jenny Overtonimg_20161130_143836906 img_20161130_143842331

Jack Lattiimg_20161130_143848277 img_20161130_143855069 img_20161130_143902608


Lynne Foard

And More Images!

Meredith Plainimg_20161130_143730482


Robyn Norrisimg_20161202_152957025 img_20161202_153029453 img_20161202_153054320

Lene Kuhl Jakobsenimg_20161202_153120 img_20161202_153135  img_20161202_145747541

Raine Edwards1504 1602

Sui Davies

Jenny Overton  lady-birds-and-bees-birdbath

Jane Dubsky

img_20161130_143809335 img_20161130_143818263








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