Jun 062014

 Still Life with Fruit


Work on Still Life with Fruit , the next sculpture destined to grace the Bulleen Art & Garden entrance, is well underway.

Still Life with Fruit  by Lachlan Plain will be a painterly rendition of the food gardener’s fruit bowl. At ten times the fruit’s original size this fibre glass sculpture will tower over the entrance of Bulleen Art & Garden, testament to BAAG’s commitment to food gardening. Continue reading »

Jun 042014

2014-04-25 001 002Giuseppe Raneri, or Joe, works at Bulleen Art & garden as his day job, sourcing many of the wonderful, distinctive, unique items you find on display there. But he is also a recognised original and gifted artist (see below). His most widely known artworks are the tiled street seats found in trendy Brunswick street. unfortunately on of these was vandalised. but, the silver lining is that Joe has been commissioned to replace that seat and make another one. Continue reading »