Apr 192021

An exhibition of sculpture and images to celebrate our local nature discovered during lockdown.

Meredith Plain, Sandra Bain, Heather Wilson, Stephanie Cobon, Miss Stephanie, Leah Lux Tame, Giuseppe Raneri

18th June to 8th August 2021

Ceramic sculpture demonstration by Meredith Plain – 12 to 3pm, Saturday 19th June

Bolin Bolin Gallery at Bulleen art & Garden

6 Manningham Rd West,


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Jan 122021

A gallery as part of a garden centre is a great way to bring art, and individually crafted products to a wide range of people who would not normally visit an art gallery, as well as giving local artists an outlet for their products.

We now have opportunities for a couple more exhibitions this year.  (Although we do have the proviso that we may need more flexibility with timing than usual ) Let us know your ideas for an interesting exhibition in this space. Or let us know if you would like to be part of a group exhibition, possibly loosely based on  the theme of  the river.

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Dec 202020


Ceramic Sculptor

Heather Wilson is a talented ceramic sculptor whose work encompasses dragons, birds, fish and many other subjects. We often feature her work in the Garden Gallery and she has had a number of exhibitions in the gallery at Bulleen Art & Garden

“Animals have always fascinated me and have been part of my work for more than 20 years. Whether appearing as dragons or exotic birds, most of my images have a basis in nature. Sometimes it is just a characteristic or a quirky gesture that will inspire a piece, sometimes a photograph or a drawing done at the zoo or a museum.

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Dec 032020

There are locally produced artworks in many other parts of Bulleen Art & Garden as well as the exhibitions in the Bolin Bolin Gallery. The following are examples of what you can find now, December 2020.

In the Shop Next to the Gallery

Ceramics by Jack Latti, Naoko Coghlan, Helen Sparrow, Manuela Bortot Continue reading »

Nov 022020

New sculpture by Nicola Hoyle

30 October to 29th November 2020 

An exhibition exploring shape and form, predominantly using steel.


This will be the first exhibition in the Bolin Bolin Gallery after lockdown.

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