Sep 222019


Pottery and sculpture for the garden in clay and copper by the Yow Yow Sisters.

Andrea Tilley, Sue McCormick and Sharon Edwards

28th Sept. To 21 Oct. 2019

The “Yow Yow Sisters”  have been creating together for 20 years. They founded the Yow Yow Studio in St. Andrews in 2009

Recently, their lives have each changed direction – though  they continue to work and exhibit together. This exhibition of their recent works expresses their new found skills of “Juggling, Balancing and rising to perform on cue”!

The “sisters” make functional pottery,  quirky Ceramic pieces for gardens and unique sculptural subjects in clay and copper.

You are invited to view their “Balancing Act” from 28th Sept. To 21 Oct. 2019

You can see some images of their last exhibition in the Bolin Bolin Gallery in 2016 and more information about htem at

Images from the exhibition to follow:

Sue McCormick

Sharon Edwards

      Sur McCormick


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