Jan 192017


An Exhibition of Sculpture by Joel Medley

3rd February to 5th March, 2017

Joel creates some amazing art works from recycled materials. This exhibition shows some of Joel Medley’s new sculptures and demonstrates how his skills in and style have been developing. There are a number of large, strong metal sculptures which include a grapevine which is large, but has detailed leaves and fruit; a horse with an almost patchwork pattern of overlapping metal segments; a unique fish; giant flowers with friendly faces; birds and a variety of more abstract sculptures.

Any of these works  would add interest and intrigue to a garden.

After building furniture for 20 years or so, Joel branched into metal sculpture and some timber carving, and painting. Subject matter for his sculptures include sea and surf, animals  and plants. He enjoys the freedom to work with different mediums and styles depending on the mood for the day.

He has previously had  two  successful exhibitions at Bulleen Art & Garden in 2011, 2013. Find out more about Joel and his previous exhibitions.

In 2013 one of Joel’s eagles, Bunjil, landed on the “Habitat Tree”- to become a permanent art feature at Bulleen Art  & Garden. Find out more about the Bunjil and the Habitat tree










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