Exhibition Program


Upcoming Exhibitions


2nd February to 5th March                           “Liquids in Disguise”    

Steel and Glass Sculpture by Tim Read and Rob Hayley


9th March to 8th April                      #urbansalvage #zerowaste.  Andrew Potocnik

Sculptural and functional Wood

Exhibition Opening 6-8pm Thursday 8th March


13th April to 13th May                       “Renewal”       Carly Leech &Kendall Bryant          Textiles, sculpture  & drawings


18 May to  3July                                  Nicola Hoyle & friends 


6 July to 19 Aug                                   “Whispers in the Wildwoods”   

                                                                Christen Jo Stone

Demo days Saturday 7 & Sunday22 July and Sunday 5 August


24th August to 25th September   Eastern Studio Potters and Artists


28th September to 21st  October  Melissa Thomas               Metal Sculpture


26th October to 18th November  “Monkey Tail Collection”  

Sculpture and drawings by     Darren Gilbert                 


23rd November to 24th December  Christmas Exhibition

Past Exhibitions


3rd February to 5th March         “Eclectica”                         Joel Medley      Sculpture from metal and found objects and more

10 March to 9 April                        Ceramic art                    Jack Latti & Marlize Myburgh

14 April to 14May                           “Bottom of the Garden“       Jenny Culic  Glass and paintings

19 May to 2 July                              Sculpture and ceramics by Nicola Hoyle  & Ann Maree Gentile

7 July to 20 Aug                              “Students and Teachers” – an exhibition of works by participants in the BAAG art workshops and their teachers



11 February-20 March      “Synergies in Steel”                           Metal sculpture and painting by Tim Read & Linda McCauley

24 March-24 April               ‘Things of Wood and Clay’            Lene Kuhl Jakobsen & Andrew Potocnik

27 April-29 May                   “Peeping Out”                                     Glass   by  Jenie Yolland

Talk/Demonstration 1pm Sunday May 1st

3 June-10 July                    “Exquisite Succulents”                      Metal sculpture by  Melissa Thomas

Exhibition Opening 6-8pm Thurs 2nd June

15-31 July                             Staff Exhibition

5 August-4 September       Japan: An exhibition inspired by trips to Japan led by Linda  de Toma and Naoko Coghlan focussing on ceramics and textiles

9 September-2 October     “ Botanicals”                                         Ceramic sculpture by Yow Yow Studios

7-30 October                        Baskets/textiles                                  Jeanette Carter, Carly Leech, Jacie Malseed–

4-27 November                   “Paints, Pots and Petals”                 Eastern Studio Potters and Artists

1-24 December                     Christmas Exhibition


Jan 8th to 15 Feb 2015   

“Rainforest Dreaming” An Exhibition of Art Glass by Jenie Yolland

20 Feb to 7 March  

“Steel, Stone, Wood and Heat”  by Tim Read & Jack Latti – Metal & ceramic sculpture

10 April to 31 May     

Autumn@Bulleen Art & Garden – Sculpture by Sean Diamond, Nicola Hoyle, Joel Medley, Jenny Overton, Glass by Jenny Culic

June/July     Gallery renovations

20 Years of Art at Bulleen Art & Garden
An exhibition to celebrate the Bolin Bolin Gallery’s 20th birthday and the move to a new exhibition space.
7 August, 20 September

“Al Fresco”
Hills Potters and artists
25 September to 25 October


Ceramic sculpture by Heather Wilson
30 October to 29 November

Christmas Exhibition
3-24th December

Artists include Sandra Bain, Jeanette Carter, Robyn Carter, Jennie Culic , Jane Dubsky , Linda De Toma, Raine Edwards, Ann-Marie Gentile, Nicola Hoyle, Cara Love, Meredith Plain, Robyn Norris, Jenny Overton, Liz walker , Jenie Yolland.


20March to 22 April  2014
“Seasons”– An exhibition of textiles by the Twisted Threads

25 April until 18 May 2014
“Bloomin’ Marvellous”Eastern Studio Potters

18 June – 18 August
Winter@Bolin Bolin
Metal & ceramic sculpture and ceramics by artists including Matt baird, Sean Diamond, Terry Marston, Meredith Plain, Gordon Robertson

21 August t to    28 September
Feathers, Fur & Fins  Ceramic and metal sculpture by Yow Yow Studios

3 October to     26 October
Churinga Arts – Happy Laughing 2  an exhibition of pottery, art and mosaics by the participants of St john of God Disability day service Churinga Pottery

Oct31 to         Nov 30
Clay Dreamers Studio

December 5 to 24
Christmas Exhibition


 February 16 to March 17     

“Birds of a Feather”

.. exploring the significance of birds on the relationship between man and the natural world.

Clay  sculpture by Avis Gardner and metal sculpture by Liz Walker.

Avis takes the very popular clay totem workshops at Bulleen Art & Garden.


March 22 to April 28            

‘days of the old school yard’

Ann-Maree Gentile  & Nicola Hoyle

A nostalgic look at the music and pop culture that surrounded us growing up


May 3 to June 2                             

“Green Thumb Mum”


Eastern Studio Potters & Artists  


June 7 to July 21                       

Hectic Eclectic”

Sculpture and other artworks by Joel Medley


July 26 to August 11                  

Staff @Bulleen Art&Garden                                   


August  16  to September 8     

Melissa Thomas

Metal sculpture


 September 13 to  October 6           


by Box Hill Clayworkers & Friends


October  11 to November 5             

Bolin Bolin and the Yarra                          


November 7 to December 1            

Basketmakers of Victoria                


December  6 to  24                            

Christmas Exhibition