Sep 232020


Bulleen Art & Garden, and the Bolin Bolin Gallery have been closed since the start of the stage 4 lockdown, but, we have lots and lots of art & craft by many local artists & craftspeople waiting for our doors to open again (October 19??? fingers crossed). We  also expect a lot of new works from artists who have been busy in lockdown.

These are just some of the works we have waiting.

(Contact if you want to find out more about these works)

Flower painting, acrylic, by Lynne Foard

Wozbits sheep, recycled materials

Bird wreath by Regina Dudek, recycled materials

Ann Maree Gentile

Cyclist by Meredith Plain

Ceramic and wood wall hangings by Marg Hunter and handbuilt pots by Sue McFarland

Mosaic bowl by Sandra Bain

Stainless steel and steel wall frames by Melissa Thomas

Stainless steel sculpture by Gordon Robertson in the Sculpture garden

Frogs in clay by Meredith Plain

Painted ceramic plate by Sandi Nikolaides and Annette Nobes.

Bald Men and Bird “Vases” by Ann Maree Gentile

Very large Pelican by Meredith Plain

Windswept Ladies and Houses by Ann Maree Gentile

Ceramic Flowers by Marg Hunter

Ceramic Flowers by Helen Sparrow

Glass and Ceramics

Hand Painted ceramics by Jane Dubsky

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