Sep 102019

Textile artist

 Carly has been working in textiles for 27 years, studying at at the Melbourne College of Textiles in Brunswick and  starting as a weaver and silk painter.
Carly changed her style once she became interested in drawing with a sewing machine or free motion machine embroidery and wanting to explore 3D forms. The garden bowls were developed over a 2 year period. Working out the best sewing methods and flower stitching to the right stiffener. “I evolved my skills into free motion machine embroidery or drawing with a sewing machine to form my new creations. I love the joy they bring me.”
A lot of Carly’s work is inspired by nature, colour and texture and mixing her different techniques together.

“I love the feeling at the end of completing a project and thinking ‘Wow, I made that!’
Carly has been involved in previous exhibitions in the Bolin Bolin Gallery – Trio Creative in 2019, Renewal in 2018 and Triple stitch in 2016



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