Mar 212018

Marlize Myburgh 


Marlize’s work is primarily the result of her need to create through passion and discipline.  She loves the challenge and find it a great outlet.

Inspiration is all around her though memories are her main influence.  She wants her work to be touched by the viewer.  Texture and pattern plays a big role in her work.  Marlize is a passionate sharer of her knowledge and also teach at a few community art centres.


She loves to experiment with different techniques and materials and in doing so discovers new creative opportunities all the time.  She also likes to play with texture, surfaces of different granularities as well as colours. 

For this show Marlize used clay slabs and construction. She decorated the work with underglazes ,glazes and slips.

Marlize held a successful exhibition at Bulleen Art & Garden with Jack Latti in April 2017 

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