Dec 202012

hoyle1By nature I am a hoarder. I cannot resist the temptation to collect items that others have discarded. As a result my art is heavily influenced by recycled materials and found objects, particularly scrap metal. I feel great pleasure at the prospect of turning outcasts into things of beauty.

I am entirely self taught as an artist and enjoy the ongoing journey of discovery and exploration that my works brings. Prior to motherhood, I was as a mechanical engineer in the automotive industry. I never felt fulfilled in this environment, but perhaps my choice of vocation was the attraction to shiny materials and their assembly processes.

My desire is to make sculptures that are whimsical and pleasing to the eye. If my work can bring a smile to someone, I am content. I enjoy exploring new materials and concepts. Looking through my piles of found objects I have found the inspiration to make these pieces on display.









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