May 202015

Jodie07 007Jodie has been an important part of Bulleen Art & Garden , starting as a work experience student in about 1996, and continuing for over 10 years. A large part of her input has been creative

Jodie2015– in collaboration with Lachlan Plain she developed and painted the Outback mural (inside the nursery, which has now been pintedover with the Pedro Piscator mural!) and Dinosaur Mural and the Yellow metal mural, (beside the front entrance); painted the front fence in brilliant colour; and adding colour and personality in many other places such as the display trailer and the float for the Burgundy Street parade. Jodie had a solo exhibition in 2007, with video installations focussing on thee community at Bulleen Art & Garden, as well as taking part in a number of exhibitions. Jodie is currrently living in Sydney, but keeps in touch with BAAG and has been responsible for some of the very distinctive graphics on the BAAG products.  Jodie can also turn her hand to most things around the place, and could often be found on the register, in the office or even behind a wheelbarrow at times.

As well as her contributions to Bulleen Art & Garden Jodie has also managed to gain an art teaching degree from Deakin University; has almost completed a degree in visual arts, majoring in sculpture from the Victorian College of the Arts;  has  spent several summers in America as a camp counsellor; taught art at primary school; worked in various art media and taken part in a number of exhibitions.

LP&JN Mural




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