Sep 202015

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Al Fresco

An exhibition of Ceramics

Hills Ceramic Artists present a celebration of the outdoors September 25th – October  24th

Julie Ayton, Babette Bruders, Amanda Christians, Glenn England, Lee Goller, Rosie Hughes, Lynne Lindsay,Sharon Twining, Jenny Rowe, Juliet Widdows

September 25th – October  24th 2015

Join us for the opening on Thursday October 1st 6pm-8pm

2015-09-25 001 001 (800x598)


Beakers Lynne Lindsay (800x753)The ‘Al Fresco’ exhibition is aiming to explore the delights of the outdoors, the enjoyment of food while in the company of friends and family and the visual pleasure of the surroundings: plants, animals and insects.

The medium of ceramics allows for the exploration of these various forms in both 2 and 3 dimensions.

Central to the Exhibition is a collaborative work in the form of a large mural with side tiles detailing different aspects of nature. The main panel is representing the ‘tree of life’ with a range of images and textures that aim to capture spring, fruitfulness and the joy of life…

This will be accompanied by a number of smaller wall plaques based around a tree.

Our ’Al Fresco’ table brings together the work of each artist and references our connection as a group through our love of working in clay, our enjoyment of food, ‘sharing’ ideas, techniques and expertise and of working together.

Each artist will also exhibit a group of work expressing their concept of outdoor living.

We are enjoying putting this exhibition together and having fun with our collaborative elements.

We hope you will join us at the opening.


The group was formed in December 2013. It consists of ten artists; Glenn England, Jenny Rowe, Julie Ayton, Rosie Hughes, Amanda Christians, Sharon Twining, Juliet Widdows, Babette Bruders, Lee Goller and Lynne Lindsay. We live and work in the Dandenong Ranges. We have all undertaken professional art studies and are producing a broad range of ceramic work. We all have our studios in and around the Dandenong Ranges and came together largely through the Dandenong Ranges Open Studio program. The group is a mix of established ceramic artists/potters and emerging artists and was formed for mutual support, friendship and to exhibit together.

This year (2014) we had a very well received exhibition at Burrinja called High Tea – the Deconstructed Tea Party. The exhibition had an interactive aspect to it. Along with the exhibition we ran a series of workshops, invited public comment/ input through a message board, created a collaborative sculpture called Alice and set up a tea table with a place setting created by each artist. The exhibition was largely functional and conceptual ceramics and sculpture along with works on paper by Lee Goller and paintings by Sharon Twining.”

The Exhibition


‘Tapestry of Spring ’  Collaborative mural 2015-09-23 001 005 2015-09-23 001 011 (480x800) 2015-09-23 001 012 (297x800)

The Group Table Setting2015-09-23 001 016 (800x401)

“Rites of Spring “ by Jenny Rowe

2015-09-23 001 009 (474x800)

 “Adjustment of the season”        by Jenny Rowe

2015-09-23 001 008 (421x800)

Insect Havens by Glenn England

2015-09-23 001 007 (800x615)

“Alice and the Hare” by Lee Goller

2015-09-23 001 006 (626x800)

Work by Lee Goller, Babette Bruder, Lee Goller2015-09-23 001 017 (800x470)

‘Treading Earth Vessels’ by Amand Christians2015-09-23 001 019 (800x362)

Wall Pieces by Lynne Lindsay

2015-09-23 001 020 (464x800)

Table Pedestal by Sharon Twining

2015-09-23 001 021 (481x800)

Tableware by Rosie Hughes

2015-09-25 001 004 (463x800)

“Wattlebird”by Juliet Widdows

2015-09-25 001 005 (559x800)

Spoons by Lynne Lindsay

Spoons Lynne Lindsay (800x662)

Pears & bowls by Amanda Christians


Nesting bowls Amanda Christians (2) (800x449)

Babette Bruders

2015-09-25 001 007 (321x800) 2015-09-25 001 009 (800x475)

2015-09-23 001 015 (800x481)

Making the Group Mural



mural in progress (800x600)

Work to be included in Exhibition



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