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Gallery Exhibition

March 22 to April 28

Exhibition Opening 3.30 – 5.30pm Sunday March 24

Ann-Maree Gentile & Nicola Hoyle

A nostalgic look at the music and pop culture that surrounded us growing up





Ann-Maree and Nicola  are  friends who work in different media and like to exhibit together. Ann-Maree Gentile’s quirky little ceramic sculptures with a pop sensibility designed to make you smile.  Nicola Hoyle is a hoarder whose art is heavily influenced by recycled materials and found objects.

You can find out more about Ann-Maree, and more about Nicola.

They have previously exhibited together at Bulleen Art  Garden with their friend and print maker Libby Schreiber in “April Fools”, April 2011 and “3 See” in April, 2010. Ann-Maree has had a solo exhibition,  “Domestic Bliss” in Feb/March 2008.




Days of the Old School Yard

Ann-Maree Gentile


When I think about my school days many of my fondest memories are of making things. Dioramas in shoes boxes, a batmobile from Lego, which if I’m honest probably looked more like a hovercraft and not a very good one at that but at the time I thought I’d nailed it. And there was a time when I got all the aerosol lids in the house and some pipe cleaners to make a multicoloured spider mobile.  I was the child that spent more time on the heading than the content of any project and I truly believe the person that invented textas should be on the hundred dollar note.


Rolf Harris and Mr Squiggle where my heroes. I loved drawing and the things I loved to draw then, I have realised are much the same today. Although it has been a while since I put a pair of sunglasses on the sun in any picture. In fact I thought I had really made it when at the age of ten, I was in the local paper with my patchwork smock and pigtails and I still remember I was drawing a turtle. Doh! Why didn’t I make some turtles?


Reflecting back on ‘the days of the old school yard’ has been a rich source of inspiration. Some things are iconic to a whole generation, others deeply personal. Not everything I made fitted into the space and not everything I thought of got made, yet. And I say yet as I feel that some things do still need to be made. Especially a turtle.


Hope you enjoy the show and I’ll leave you with a riddle.

What’s big and red and eats rocks?

A big red rock eater.


Cheers, Ann-Maree

Some of Ann-Maree’s new work

ANNMareeMar13 ANNMareeMar13a ANNMareeMar13b SchoolYardMar13a    SchoolYardMar13

 IMG_7821_2  IMG_7909 IMG_7910





Days of the Old School Yard

Nicola Hoyle

Revisiting my childhood for this exhibition has been a lot of fun. Recalling Sunday nights in front of the TV to religiously watch Countdown so I could catch a glimpse of my favourite heart throb. Wanting desperately to marry Rod Stewart, and believing it was only a matter of time as I was blonde and young. Singing songs and having no idea what the lyrics really meant. Why did my family let me sing along to “I like it both ways” by Supernaut and never once give me a hint? Learning to ride my bike on the back oval, and hoping in vain that one day I could ride with “no hands” and perform a “mono”. Alas I failed on both counts. Watching Mr Squiggle and Miss Jane, and being amazed at how clever he was at drawing with his nose. Singing nursery rhymes and learning all the actions. Being at a loose end, and chanting “Mum, I’m bored”. Being hit by disco fever, and spending many nights dancing under the mirror ball, with my big hair courtesy of the perm. Getting a taste for alternative music, and thinking that “prog rock” was rather sophisticated, and so was I, as now not every song I knew lasted for 3 minutes and had a chorus.


Some of Nicola’s new work

NicolaHMar13NHoyleMar13b NHoyleMar13

Nicola13 1 2013-03-20 001 016

Nicola13 3 Nicola13 4


Days of the Old School Yard

Ann-Maree Gentile

1.         Toy Story                                                                   $155

2.         Big Red Rock Eater                                                $495

3.         Flower Platter                                                          $120

4.         Somewhere Over the Rainbow Red                $125

5.         Somewhere Over the Rainbow Orange        $125

6.         Somewhere Over the Rainbow Yellow           $125

7.         Somewhere Over the Rainbow Blue                $100

8.         Tin Man                                                                     $95

9.         Scarecrow                                                               $95

10.       Dorothy                                                                    $95

11.       Lion                                                                            $95

12.       Wizard of Oz Plate                                                 $65

13.       Cat in the Hat                                                          $155

14.       Donna Kebab (set of two)                                  $195

15-23. Dr Suess Vases and Planters                               $75ea

24.       House                                                                                    $60

25.       Blue Bears (set of two)                                          $60

26.       Yellow Planter                                                         $165

27.       Red Planter                                                              $145

28.       Lime Planter                                                             $125

29.       Orange Planter                                                      $95

29.5    Head Planter Blue                                                  $70

30.       Doll Skewers                                                             $75ea

31.       Head Planter Yellow                                             $45

32.       Head Planter Orange                                           $70

33.       Head Planter Lime                                                 $60

34.       Head Planter Orange                                           $50

35.       Clowning Around                                                  nfs

36.      Blocks and Clowns                                     $45

37.       Mondrian Blocks                                                    $40

38.       Jack and Jill Blocks                                                $40

39.       Suburbia                                                                   $395

40-44  Dolly birds                                                                 $45ec

45.       Rainbow Girl Platter                                              $120

46.       Mr Squiggle                                                             $75

47.       Little Boxes on the Hillside                         $120

48.       When You Wish Upon a Star                               $55

49.       Pinocchio                                                                 $70

50.       Kewpie Dolls                                                            $60

51.       See You Later Alligator                                         $75

52-62. Primary Houses                                                       $45ea

63.       Cherry Bomb                                                           $325

64.       John Travolta                                                          $95

65.       Olivia Newton John                                              $95

66.       Princess Leia                                                            $95

67.       Wonder Woman                                                    $95

68.       Nadia Comaneci                                                  $95

69.       Flower Platter                                                          $120

70.       Hippopotamus                                                       $495

71.       Abba Cat Yellow                                                   $395

72.       Abba Cat Blue                                                        $395

73.       I Heart Stickers                                                         $65

74.       Apron Strings                                                           $50

75.       Little Bird Plate                                                         $45

76.       Morning Has Broken                                              $65

77.       Planter                                                                       $75

78.       Planter                                                                       $95

79.       Polka Dot Bears                                                      $155ea

80.       Platter                                                                        $120

81.       Green Clown                                                          $40

82.       Birdie Num Num                                                     $250

83.       Owl                                                                            $225

84.       Owl                                                                            $175

85-87. Dolly Birds                                                                 $45ea

88.       Flower Platter                                                          $120

89.       Bowl                                                                           $35

90.       Bowl                                                                           $30

91.       Bowl                                                                           $25

92-93.Dolly Birds                                                                  $45ea


Nicola Hoyle

1.         Incy Wincy Spider                                                  $1,150

2.         Mr Squiggle’s Rocket                                            $690

3.         Dancing Queen                                                     $630

4.         Love Is In The Air                                                     $25 ea.

5.         The Elusive Mono                                                   $530

6.         Dark Side of the Moon                                         $310

7.         Space Oddity                                                         $330

8.         Long and Winding Road                                     $260

9.         Crossfire Hurricane                                                            $780

10.       Rolling Stone                                                           $790

11.       You Should Be Dancing                                       $220

12.       Stairway to Heaven                                              $510

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