Feb 082014

Luminous Glass

DSC02060 Kerry has some new bowls made from recycled glass, as well as her popular wind chimes made from recycled bottles .

Dec12 004



“I am a glass artist, I finished my Bachelor of Fine Arts in (Sculpture) at RMIT in 2003, during my degree I did an elective of Warm glass at the Meat market, and fell in love with the medium. I have a sculpture practice, I make kiln formed bowls, platters and jewelry which I sell onlne and at some lovely galleries.

My sculpture practice, is inspired by observing the transformation of vegetation and discarded objects due their exposure to heat, and water at a Salt lake in the Mallee.  Currently I am exploring the transformation by the heat of the kiln of discarded glass objects, I find old bowls and bottles and heat them until I observe the melting point is reached, then switch off the kiln. The alchemy of heat and time transforms each of them into the unwanted and discarded into wonderful objects as the glass’s movement is captured in time.”






DSC02059 DSC020612012-05-24 001 019 (800x600)

Dec12 005


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