Aug 122020


A gallery as part of a garden centre is a great way to bring art, and individually crafted products to a wide range of people who would not normally visit an art gallery, as well as giving local artists an outlet for their products. We are looking for proposals for new, interesting and varied exhibitions for 2021. Continue reading »

Apr 202020

Nicola is one of our regular artists, both exhibiting often and commissioned to design and make the sculptural elements which give character to both our Sculpture Garden ( and the Bolin Bolin Gallery itself. Continue reading »

Mar 152020

The Mad Queen;

A collection of tin frocks, “accessories” and wire creations

by Regina Dudek

20 March to 26 April, 2020

The Bolin Bolin Gallery is currently open, as it is a retail space, part of a larger retail premises. Appropriate measures need to be taken. At this stage we anticipate that this exhibition will continue until the scheduled date. 1/4/20

If you are interested in purchasing any of the works pictured her, please email

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Jan 262020

Rustic art by Warwick Hillis

31st January to 15th March 2020

Warwick’s unique garden art sculptures were extremely popular in last year’s exhibition. So we’ve invited him back to start the year again.

There will be a large variety of rustic art, made from reclaimed metal, wood and wire. Continue reading »

Apr 162019

“Metal Transformations”

Sculpture by Issa Ouattara

15 March to 21 April 2019

This exhibition will showcase the work of African/Australian sculptor Issa Ouattara. Although now based near Daylesford in country Victoria, Issa’s birth place was Cote d’Ivoire in West Africa. With a successful sculpting career in both Africa and Australia and family life in rural Australia,  Issa demonstrates how a difficult start to life, including child labour, poverty, war, can be overcome. Continue reading »

Aug 022017

Artist’s statement for Nadia Culph

I am a photographic artist based in Melbourne. I create botanical and mechanical artwork. As a photographer, I’m drawn to natural curiosities such as unusual flowers, patterned feathers, leaves with intricate detail, anything that catches my eye. Another subject of great interest is all things mechanical. Vintage and muscle cars as well as the beautiful design of hot rods are marvellous material for a photograph. Continue reading »

Oct 272014
 New Exhibition


An exhibition of ceramic art

Hannah Beilharz, Yukima Breaden, Sharleen Code, Naoko Coghlan, Linda De Toma, Maired Hayes, Rachel Hughes, Christine James, Miyuki Matsuzaki, Annette Nobes, Janet Pezaros,  Olivia Pianezze, Gordon Strachan, Choon Yeok (Yeokie)

31st October  to  30th  November 2014

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Oct 012014

2014-10-01 001 005 IMG_3712-2014 

Churinga Arts – Happy Laughing 2 

An exhibition of pottery, art and mosaics by the participants of St John of God Disability day service Churinga Pottery.

3 October to     26 October

The creative artists of Churinga Clayworks have become known and loved for their imaginative sculptures, vibrantly coloured tableware, tiles and mosaics. The freedom and vivid expression of each individual has developed into styles, which are unique. The artwork is highly sought after and each piece is made with an enjoyment that is evidently shared with anyone who encounters it. Continue reading »

Jun 142014

Lachlan is an artist, muralist, painter, poet, writer, puppeteer and cartoonist.lach
Over the past ten years he’s made a large contribution to the design and the displays at Bulleen Art and Garden , adding colour and interest with murals and sculpture. His most recent project at Bulleen Art & Garden has been his mural The Final Journey of Pedro Piscator. This mural    and the exhibition he curated,  Sanctum Theatre’s Conservatory of Singular Specimens, were launched has at GAIA Night: a celebration of art & environment.

Lachlan has also exhibited hios artworks in the Bolin Bolin Gallery. Most recently he curated and took part in Conservatory of Singular Specimens

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Jun 042014

2014-04-25 001 002Giuseppe Raneri, or Joe, works at Bulleen Art & garden as his day job, sourcing many of the wonderful, distinctive, unique items you find on display there. But he is also a recognised original and gifted artist (see below). His most widely known artworks are the tiled street seats found in trendy Brunswick street. unfortunately on of these was vandalised. but, the silver lining is that Joe has been commissioned to replace that seat and make another one. Continue reading »

Aug 152013

 Jan12 053 - Copy

Melissa  creates water features; garden ornaments, and sculptures adding interest, intrigue and tranquillity to the garden. She makes fountains and sculptures, many featuring insects of various types. There are also the ever popular wall frames and flowers on stakes.

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Jun 282013

jenny1I am a Stone Sculptor – ‘a carver of stone’

“Beginning with a boulder or a sometimes ‘unwilling’ lump, I am guided by the colour, texture, shape and size of the raw material . . . . it is my passion to release the form that I see lying hidden within.”

– Jenny Whiteside, April 2008 Continue reading »

Dec 202012

foard1Lyn of Eltham has been creating her mermaids, dragons and other creatures for many years, and selling them at exhibitions, St Andrews & Eltham markets, galleries & gift shops.

She first introduced me (Meredith Plain) to ceramic sculpture when she was teaching a course at the Eltham Living and Learning Centre in 1988. Her work and her enjoyment of the medium, and the creative possibilities of ceramic sculpture fired my imagination. This appeal is also why people are so keen to own some of her work. Lynne has been creating her mermaids, dragons and other creatures for over twenty five years, and selling them at exhibitions, St Andrews & Eltham markets, galleries & gift shops. Her imaginative work and obvious enjoyment of the medium appeals to most people.

She has also taught ceramic sculpture at the Strathallan and Eltham Living and Learning Centre, helping students discover the creative possibilities of clay.
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Dec 202012


Ceramic Sculptor

Heather Wilson is a talented ceramic sculptor whose work encompasses dragons, birds, fish and many other subjects. We often feature her work in the Garden Gallery and she has had a number of exhibitions in the gallery at Bulleen Art & Garden

“Animals have always fascinated me and have been part of my work for more than 20 years. Whether appearing as dragons or exotic birds, most of my images have a basis in nature. Sometimes it is just a characteristic or a quirky gesture that will inspire a piece, sometimes a photograph or a drawing done at the zoo or a museum.

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Dec 202012

purser1Ceramic and Metal Artist

Justin is a talented and versatile artist. He is now a sculptor of metal artworks and architectural details working in a ‘big old barn’ in Yarra Glen with views of the Yarra Valley. Justin creates artistic objects for the home and garden.

He originally completed his degree in Ceramic design in 1992, and then developed a reputation as a ceramic artist making timeless carved pots in brilliant blues. He exhibited widely, including at the opening of the Bulleen Art & Garden gallery. At this time; he also ran the Potter’s Cottage School.

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Dec 182012

gentile1I would describe my work as fun with a sense of the ridiculous. My background is in clay, having completed a diploma of art, majoring in ceramics at Outer Eastern College. If I produce functional work it is highly decorative but I concentrate mostly on producing series of one off individual sculptural pieces. While I work predominantly in clay I do dabble in other mediums and it is not uncommon for there to be some cross over from time to time.
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Dec 182012

For more information about her work, and a lot more images go to or Facebook


At Bulleen Art & Garden Meredith Plain

  • Takes part in many of the  Exhibitions in the Bolin Bolin Gallery, for example Lazy Days Exhibitions.
  • Sells work regularly in the shop and nursery at Bulleen Art & Garden and on the on-line gallery.
  • Takes ceramic scupture workshops.
  • Organises the Bolin Bolin gallery exhibitions.

For any queries about Meredith’s work contact


“I sculpt in clay because I find the creative possibilities of clay fascinating and compulsive. Creatures with vitality, energy and personality can emerge from a lump of dirt. Ceramic sculpture can explore many diverse forms. It is a means of expression and communication of ideas and, importantly, humour. My frogs, dragons, people and other creatures seem to develop a life and energy of their own.

merri7I first discovered the fascination of creating creatures from clay in 1989, after a career as a medical research scientist and whi1le at home with young children. What started out as a hobby took over more and more of my time, and our house. Ceramic sculpture is now my career.
Since then, I have taken part in exhibitions at Bulleen Art & Garden, Eltham Wiregrass Gallery, Meat market Craft Centre, Northcote Pottery Gallery etc and sold work through Potter’s Cottage and Fitzroy Nursery. I have been involved in setting up and running the Gallery and exhibition program at Bulleen Art & Garden. My work is makes up the mural at the front of Bulleen Art & Garden
My work ranges in size from only a few centimetres to works taller than myself, and covers a wide range of subjects. It is all suitable for use inside and outside.”
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Nov 202012


Jeanette  has been giving basket workshops at Bulleen Art & Garden for a number of years, as well as selling and exhibiting her work here.

More information on the basket workshops and free form baskets










I have always been interested in the Visual Arts and enjoyed working in clay and fibre.
I started work in advertising at the age of seventeen and then went on to study two Diplomas at RMIT, one in Graphic Design and the other in Ceramics. I then went to Melbourne State College and completed a Diploma of Education.
Two of the areas I studied which I enjoyed most were textiles and ceramics. Textiles included spinning, weaving, tie dye and batik.
I am currently teaching Ceramics, Drawing and Visual Communication and Design at Eltham High School to levels 7-12.
In 1986 I was awarded a teacher exchange to Pennsylvania USA for a year. It was here that I was introduced to basket weaving- Melon Baskets, Egg Baskets, Potato baskets, Heart shaped Baskets and many other designs.

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