Aug 122020


A gallery as part of a garden centre is a great way to bring art, and individually crafted products to a wide range of people who would not normally visit an art gallery, as well as giving local artists an outlet for their products. We are looking for proposals for new, interesting and varied exhibitions for 2021. Continue reading »

Mar 152020

The Mad Queen;

A collection of tin frocks, “accessories” and wire creations

by Regina Dudek

20 March to 26 April, 2020

The Bolin Bolin Gallery is currently open, as it is a retail space, part of a larger retail premises. Appropriate measures need to be taken. At this stage we anticipate that this exhibition will continue until the scheduled date. 1/4/20

If you are interested in purchasing any of the works pictured her, please email

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Jan 262020

Rustic art by Warwick Hillis

31st January to 15th March 2020

Warwick’s unique garden art sculptures were extremely popular in last year’s exhibition. So we’ve invited him back to start the year again.

There will be a large variety of rustic art, made from reclaimed metal, wood and wire. Continue reading »

Aug 132019

An Exhibition of Ceramic Sculpture by

Heather Wilson                                 

16 August to 22 September 2019

Exhibition Opening: 3-5 pm Saturday 17th August

Heather is a talented and experienced ceramic sculptor who makes a wide variety of animals in clay –  dragons, fish, birds, cats, butterfly pots and lizards. They will all feature in this exhibition. Art for your garden or inside. Continue reading »

Jun 242019

An exhibition  by The Hills Ceramic ArtistsBabette Bruders; Amanda Christians; Glenn England; Lee Goller; Claire Johnson, Lynne Lindsay; Heather Thomas; Jenny Rowe; Sharon Twining; Juliet Widdows.

28th June to 11th August 2019

Exhibition Opening: 2-4pm Saturday 29th June 2019

The exhibition ‘Seasoned’ contemplates the turning of nature’s seasons: – from winter’s scarcity and the budding enthusiasm of spring, to summers lazy heat and autumnal festivity. Continue reading »

Jun 062019

.  7th to  23rd June 2019

We’ve got a very creative, as well as capable team at Bulleen Art & Garden. This exhibition showcases their talents in areas we nay not have been aware of. Continue reading »

Apr 162019

“Metal Transformations”

Sculpture by Issa Ouattara

15 March to 21 April 2019

This exhibition will showcase the work of African/Australian sculptor Issa Ouattara. Although now based near Daylesford in country Victoria, Issa’s birth place was Cote d’Ivoire in West Africa. With a successful sculpting career in both Africa and Australia and family life in rural Australia,  Issa demonstrates how a difficult start to life, including child labour, poverty, war, can be overcome. Continue reading »

Jan 072018

24 November to 24 January 2018

Artists include Raine Edwards, Ann Maree Gentile, Nicola Hoyle, LeneKuhl Jakobsen, Jack Latti , Carly Leech, Nicola Hoyle,  Mary McMahon, Marlize Myburgh,  Robyn Norris, Jenny Overton, Meredith Plain,  Jenny Stokes.

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Oct 302017

Maree Brown

An Exhibition by the Basket Makers of Victoria

27th  October  to 19th November, 2017

An exhibition of contemporary and traditional baskets, and artwork incorporating weaving techniques by a talented group of basketmakers.

Christen Jo Stone

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Aug 142017


Sculpture and photography by   Neen Arthur, Nadia Culph and Meredith Plain

18th August to 24th September

The common theme in this exhibition is the use of creativity to encourage an appreciation of our natural world.

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Jul 112017

“Classroom Creative”

– an exhibition of works by participants in the BAAG art workshops and their teachers

14th July to 14th August 2017

Art Afternoon in the gallery   2-4pm Sunday 31st July  2017


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Jan 192017


An Exhibition of Sculpture by Joel Medley

3rd February to 5th March, 2017

Joel creates some amazing art works from recycled materials. This exhibition shows some of Joel Medley’s new sculptures and demonstrates how his skills in and style have been developing. There are a number of large, strong metal sculptures which include a grapevine which is large, but has detailed leaves and fruit; a horse with an almost patchwork pattern of overlapping metal segments; a unique fish; giant flowers with friendly faces; birds and a variety of more abstract sculptures. Continue reading »

Dec 012016

Until 29th January 2017

Fiona Clarke, Raine Edwards, Jane Dubsky ,Sue Davies, Glenn England, Lynne Foard, Ann Maree Gentile Nicola Hoyle, Lene  Kuhl Jakobsen, Jack Latti, Meredith Plain, Jenny Overton,  Robyn Norris, Liz Walker, Heather Wilson

Once again  a mixed group exhibition is filling our gallery with a wonderful range of artwork in a number of different media by some of our favourite local artists.



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Nov 032016

        pottery-expo-002-2 fullsizerender-2








An Exhibition by the  Eastern Studio Potters and Artists

Jenny Stokes, Ann Jackson, Sue Trivillian ,Donna Parker, Di Beveridge,Robyn Carter, Li Lallo , Jenny John , Glen McDonald,Betty Mitlan , Meg Lowery, Ann Cunningham, Jan O’Neill, Su Laird , Judy Searle.

5th -27th November  2016

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Oct 022016

photo-00520150814_121753-2 p1110333-2

An exhibition of Baskets and Textiles.

By Jeanette Carter, Carly Leech, Jacie Malseed

7th October to 1st November 2016

Exhibition opening Thurs 6th October, 6-8pm

Basket Demonstrations – Tuesday 11 Oct 10 am to 2.30 pm and Sunday 16th  10 until 2 pm Continue reading »

Apr 082015

waterlillies in glass10 April to   23 May, 2015

Artists include Jenny Culic, Sean Diamond, Jane DubskyNicola Hoyle, Joel Medley, Jenny Overton,  Tim Read,    Robyn Stewardson

This mixed exhibition  includes glass by Jenny Culic, metal sculpture by Sean Diamond, Nicola Hoyle, Joel Medley, Tim Read & Wendy Brady, owls from recycled household items by Robyn Stewardson, hand painted pottery by Jane Dubsky, and a mosaic by Jenny Overton.



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Dec 012014

  DSC03289 DSC03287149391_391682354322654_5035339571649523930_nDSC03282

5-24 December

Once again we are showcasing a wonderful eclectic collection of local artworks in our gallery before Christmas.  Make sure you visit us before Christmas to see this interesting and diverse range of (affordable) artworks including metal and ceramic sculpture, baskets, prints and paintings.  You may find something uniqueand special for a gift, or be able to treat yourself.

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Oct 272014
 New Exhibition


An exhibition of ceramic art

Hannah Beilharz, Yukima Breaden, Sharleen Code, Naoko Coghlan, Linda De Toma, Maired Hayes, Rachel Hughes, Christine James, Miyuki Matsuzaki, Annette Nobes, Janet Pezaros,  Olivia Pianezze, Gordon Strachan, Choon Yeok (Yeokie)

31st October  to  30th  November 2014

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Oct 012014

2014-10-01 001 005 IMG_3712-2014 

Churinga Arts – Happy Laughing 2 

An exhibition of pottery, art and mosaics by the participants of St John of God Disability day service Churinga Pottery.

3 October to     26 October

The creative artists of Churinga Clayworks have become known and loved for their imaginative sculptures, vibrantly coloured tableware, tiles and mosaics. The freedom and vivid expression of each individual has developed into styles, which are unique. The artwork is highly sought after and each piece is made with an enjoyment that is evidently shared with anyone who encounters it. Continue reading »

Oct 062013


 An exhibition  inspired by Bulleen Art & Garden’s magic location – right next to the Yarra River parks. Artists have responded to natural and cultural values of this  important section of the Yarra.
Sculpture, baskets, ceramic and botanical art by Sally Armfield, Glenn England , Paul Kalemba , Emma Kelly , Lene Kuhl Jakobsen, Joel Medley, Robyn Norris, Meredith Plain.

 11 October   to 5 November,  2013

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Jan 052013



On Thursday 23rd of February 2012, as part of Melbourne’s Sustainable Living Festival, Bulleen Art & Garden and more than 100 guestscelebrated the Earth’s life support system, ‘Gaia’, in a night of discussion, performance, song and art whilst raising funds for Sustainable Gardening Australia. This was an evening to launch a large new mural and open an exhibition, but included much much more – music, puppets, theatre, speakers, gourmet nibbles, walks and much good cheer!

It was a perfect evening – Gaia was certainly smiling apon us! Continue reading »

Jan 012013

 2011-10-05 001 001

Kirsty Manger, Lee Goller, Jodie Maree Phelan and Meredith Plain,Matt Baird

We are four ceramic artists who  are using clay to tell their stories  about Lazy Days, joined by wood artist, Matt Baird.

These different stories reference such themes as the clouds in a summer sky, nostalgic memories of carefree childhoods, al fresco dining, nature and the outdoors. Their narratives were expressed in unusual artworks combining interesting forms and surfaces.
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Oct 262012

Fish by Heather WilsonCeramic Sculpture by Heather Wilson & Metalwork by Corinne Lomon

26 October to 25 November

Exhibition Opening: 6-8 pm, Thursday 26th October

Heather and Corinne are both exhibiting artists who work together as art teachers. Heather has been making her distinctive dragon and bird sculptures for over 20 years, while Corinne works in metal.

They have decided to come together to show the new directions their work has been taking recently. Heather has developed an interest in Raku firing and fish.

Mar 172012


Sandra Bain, Colleen Burke, Michael Camilleri, Avis Gardner, Jodie Nunn, Melissa Osborne, Lachlan Plain, Meredith Plain, Giuseppe Raneri, Carmen Reid. Lucia Rossi, sue.k.

Gaia Night Opening, 6-8pm, Thurs 23rd Feb

Art Trail and Exhibition Floor Talk,3 – 4pm Sunday 26th February

Stroll across the lawns and detour down the leafy cul de sacs of Sanctum Theatre’s Conservatory of Singular Specimens. The Conservatory is an ark upon which Sanctum and BAAG artists rescue some of our most singular specimens – whether they be arboreal, bestial or purely alchemical.
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