Sep 102014



An artwork which celebrates homegrown local food and is a visual testament to BAAG’s commitment to food gardening. The sculpture, Still Life with Fruit by sculptor, painter, award winning author and puppeteer Lachlan Plain, www.lachlanplain.coml. At ten times the fruit’s original size this fibre glass sculpture  towers over the entrance of Bulleen Art & Garden.

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Dec 202012

parterre1Visitors walk along a new coloured concrete path, following a vine with a pebble mosaiced stem and leaves studded with with hand crafted ceramic vegetables, leading to the entrance to Bulleen Art & Garden.

This walkway is lined with beds of lush produce plants- herbs, fruit, veggies & companion plants. This entrance reflects our growing efforts to inspire and promote growing our own food in our home gardens.
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Dec 202012

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe tortoise, oops, turtle has once again found its way to Bulleen Art & Garden, presumably it has wandered up from the river! which watched over the entrance to Bulleen Art & Garden from the direction of the adjoining parklands.

There has been a turtle at this site, next to the park, but the turtle has had another reincarnation, and is now named Rose.

Artist Lachlan Plain, ( )who has been involved in a lot of the artwork around Bulleen Art & Garden has been busy creating a new turtle, with the help of colleague Colleen Bourke. Rose is a lady turtle with lots of personality. She is now in colour and has been crafted in fibreglass.

Installation was 21st September 2010.

roseThe Raising of Rose

In September 2012 Rose the turtle was given a better view with new stand. This tied in with work on the new Healthy Living Waterways gate and disabled access to the parks. This is Bulleen Art & Garden’s latest way to promote the wonderful park just next to the nursery. There is a new wheelchair accessible walkway and a crafted steel gate promoting our waterways leading to the park where BAAG has a long term revegetation program.

And you can now see Rose the turtle more clearly as she emerges from the park and the Yarra, seeming to swim in mid air.

Make sure you meet Rose


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