Apr 262019
Greg Yeaman,          Deb Staun,         Deanna Roberts,       Steve Burton,      Anne Watling,       Meredith Merrall,       Linda Moore  and      Aleida Wright.
26th April to 1st June, 2019

Artist Demonstrations. Come and see a potter/sculptor at work:

Aleida Wright – Saturday April 27th and Saturday May 4th from 11.00am to 2.00pm

Deb Staun – Sunday April 28th and Sunday May 5th. from 11.00am to 2.00pm

The Treefern Potters is a diverse group of ceramic artists with its origins in the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges. Continue reading »

Apr 162019

“Metal Transformations”

Sculpture by Issa Ouattara

15 March to 21 April 2019

This exhibition will showcase the work of African/Australian sculptor Issa Ouattara. Although now based near Daylesford in country Victoria, Issa’s birth place was Cote d’Ivoire in West Africa. With a successful sculpting career in both Africa and Australia and family life in rural Australia,  Issa demonstrates how a difficult start to life, including child labour, poverty, war, can be overcome. Continue reading »

Mar 152019

An exhibition of ceramic art by The Hills Potters

Babette Bruders; Amanda Christians; Glenn England; Lee Goller; Claire Johnson, Lynne Lindsay; Heather Thomas; Jenny Rowe; Sharon Twining; Juliet Widdows.

28th June to 11th August 2019

Exhibition Opening: 2-4pm Saturday 29th June 2019

This exhibition will showcase a wide range of ceramic art – from sculptural to functional to painted vessels. Continue reading »

Jan 072018

24 November to 24 January 2018

Artists include Raine Edwards, Ann Maree Gentile, Nicola Hoyle, LeneKuhl Jakobsen, Jack Latti , Carly Leech, Nicola Hoyle,  Mary McMahon, Marlize Myburgh,  Robyn Norris, Jenny Overton, Meredith Plain,  Jenny Stokes.

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Aug 142017


Sculpture and photography by   Neen Arthur, Nadia Culph and Meredith Plain

18th August to 24th September

The common theme in this exhibition is the use of creativity to encourage an appreciation of our natural world.

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Jul 112017

“Classroom Creative”

– an exhibition of works by participants in the BAAG art workshops and their teachers

14th July to 14th August 2017

Art Afternoon in the gallery   2-4pm Sunday 31st July  2017


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Apr 112017

An Exhibition of

Paintings and Glass by

Jennie Williams Culic

14 April to 14May

“Meet the Artists” Saturday 22nd April 3-5pm

Over recent years I have developed a love of pottering in the garden. Although not a spectacular green thumb the garden continuously evolves and includes a variety of small statues, sculptures by other artisans and a couple of old sculptures I created in years gone by. It has become a sanctuary – a place where I lose myself in the moment – clear my head. Continue reading »

Oct 312013

2013-11-03 001 013Clay Sculpture by Meredith Plain

Sunday 3 November  12:00 to 4pm
I’ll be working in the gallery on sunday afternoon if you’d like to call by and see what I’m doing

It’s the last weekend of the Bolin and Yarra exhibition —
at Bolin Bolin Gallery at Bulleen Art & Garden
6 Manningham Rd west

Apr 172013


Well known ceramic artist, Giuseppe Raneri (a.k.a Joe the giftshop guru at Bulleen Art & Garden), has been commissioned to make another in the series of iconic ceramic tiled seats which can be seen along Brunswick St. This shot shows a couple of German tourists appreciating the artwork involved in one of the existing seats! You will be able to see the new seat at the corner of Brunswick Street and King William street

You can find out more about Joe & see more of his work at http://gallery.baag.com.au/?p=34